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Beijing Youth Daily

Beijing Youth Daily

rch_pisa_web_bydplaceBeijing Youth Daily was established in March 1949; starting from that date, it has experienced closures and re-openings for three times. After the last resumption of publication in 1981, Beijing Youth Daily Group became one of the most famous newspaper brands in China and its authority is acknowledged also outside the Country.

At large, the Beijing Youth Daily’s readers have a high-level education, income and consumption. Beijing Youth Daily publishes an average of 50 pages a day in 32 provinces plus Hong Kong, Macao and overseas areas. In Beijing, it has the largest number of subscriptions of any newspaper. Its income from commercial advertisements has been on the top for several consecutive years.

Now, Beijing Youth Daily has grown to a modern media group with twelve newspapers, four magazines, four websites and some subsidiary companies. Besides the Beijing Youth Daily, the group also owns Mirror (an evening newspaper), TOP, Beijing Community Newspaper, The First, Beijing Sci-Tech Report, Hebei Youth Daily, Chongqing Youth Daily, Youth Weekend, Beijing Today (an English weekly newspaper), Middle School Times, Beijing Children’s Weekly, Beijing Youth Weekly, Ceci, Leisure Trend, Current Affairs Magazine, YNET.COM, QIANGLONG.COM, 7676.COM, CAICAI.CC.

Moreover, Beijing Youth Daily has also built up a complete industry chain and distribution system based on a group of subsidiaries, such as Beijing Media Co. Ltd., XiaoHongMao Circulating Co. Ltd., China Open Promotions Limited, Beijing Youth Daily Logistics Co. Ltd., Beijing Childrens Art Theatre Co. Ltd. and so on.

Beijing Media Co. Ltd, held by the Beijing Youth Daily Group, was listed as H-Shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on 22nd Dec 2004 and became the first mainstream media of mainland China listed abroad.

In recent years, Beijing Youth Daily has seized China’s historical opportunity of a cultural market-oriented reform and launched the new development project of a cross-sector, cross-border and cross-industry media group, grounded on capital operation and marketization.

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08. UEFA special issue in newsstand《北京青年报》创刊于1949年3月,经历过三次停刊、复刊,1981年第三次复刊至今,已发展成为一张以青年视角反映时代,面向社会最活跃人群的综合性日报,平均每日出版50个左右的对开版面,订阅量北京第一,广告收入连续多年位居全国前列。北京青年报社连续三届荣获全国地方报社管理先进单位。

北京青年报社目前拥有“十二报四刊四网”,除《北京青年报》外,还有《法制晚报》、《第一财经日报》、《TOP时空》(中国民航报机舱版)、《北青社区报》、《北京科技报》、《河北青年报》、《重庆青年报》、《青年周末》、《BEIJING TODAY》(《今日北京》英文周报)、《中学时事报》、《北京少年报》和《北京青年》周刊、《茜茜姐妹》杂志、《休闲时尚》杂志、《时事魔镜》及北青网(YNET.COM)、千龙网(QIANLONG.COM)、青游在线(7676.COM)、采采网(CAICAI.CC)。



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